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  • How To Identify The Right Markets and Teams
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Investing from
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Stop using up all your R&R running around to agent meetings. Let us show you how to pinpoint, research, and close on the most lucrative investment opportunities - no matter if you’re stateside or stationed halfway around the world.

Five Ways Real Estate
Pays You

Cash flow and appreciation aren’t the only benefits of REI. Let us show you all the ways your properties can produce value. From reliable monthly income to long-term tax benefits, real estate investing is more profitable than you think.

Make Other People’s Money
Work for You

Current real estate investments not producing the returns you hoped for? Your market may be the problem. Let us show you how to put your capital to work in markets with proven results, so you can feel confident in every investment you make.

You don't need to go anywhere to make your capital go further.

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About Ambo International Investing

Ambo International Investing was founded by Mary Pearce and Maureen Mccann, two women with a singular goal: to reinvent the investment process for Foreign Service Officers and their families.

Pairing Mary’s insider knowledge of the FSO community with Maureen’s broad industry experience,  Ambo International Investing is a company built to address the unique investment challenges faced by Foreign Service Officers stationed abroad.

Our service aims to educate and facilitate, taking the guesswork out of investing so you can take back control of your investments - and your time.

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