Ambo International Real Estate is the one-stop-shop with a focus on helping U.S. foreign service employees  and international investors with their real estate needs. Ambo International Real Estate is driven by our desire to help make real estate transactions an enjoyable and exciting experience. Ambo was founded by the wife of a US diplomat while serving overseas and discovering how hard it was to invest in real estate from afar.  While posted in Egypt, Mary witnessed the stressful experience as friends and colleagues sought to purchase their first home and often had to use their entire R&R for house-hunting, instead of actual family-fun or vacation. 

Mary’s passion for real estate inspired her to make real estate transactions from overseas a more enjoyable, hassle-free, customer-oriented and time-saving endeavor.  

Ambo allows you to do all this by starting the house hunting process with our virtual reality technology and online support resources. Ambo has the established connections to produce desired results while providing the highest level of customer service, attention to detail, courtesy and professionalism.










Mary Pearce, Founder and CEO of Ambo International Real Estate, has set out to master every aspect of real estate. Growing up in a family of successful business owners, Mary learned the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur at a very young age. She came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was in her 20s and barely spoke English. But she was driven to create her own success.

Mary’s journey began when a customer at the restaurant at which she worked offered Mary a job as a real estate assistant, and taught her the ropes. Driven and hungry for success, Mary began to invest in real estate and saw the results of her hard work.  It was then that Mary understood her true passion was real estate. Trusted by discerning clients, Mary and her team regularly exceed their expectations. Beyond work, you can find Mary training at the gym, hiking, or spending quality time with friends and family.

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(Business) https://www.facebook.com/ambointerantionalre
(Personal) https://www.facebook.com/mary.ibalbarriaga 


(Business) and (Personal)  https://www.instagram.com/ambointernationalre/


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